Thrivent Choice

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans encourages eligible members to recommend where Thrivent distributes some of its charitable outreach funds. 

How do I know if I am eligible? Eligible Thrivent members should receive a letter once they meet the eligibility requirements. 

How do I find out more information regarding elibility requirements and designating dollars? Please see the Thrivent Choice website for eligibility requirements and additional information on the amount of Choice Dollars you can designate based on your qualifications.

What can I do with my Choice Dollars? An eligible member can either vote on the use of the funds and/or designate your Choice Dollars to a specific organization. 

Two Ways to Designate your Choice Dollars:
  1. Visit the Thrivent Choice website.
    • Click the “Get Started” Red button.
    • Enter your login information or register for a login if you are not already registered.
  2. Call 1-800-THRIVENT (1-800-847-4836) and state "Thrivent Choice."
Pilgrim Lutheran Church is listed as a participating organization. 
By choosing Pilgrim Lutheran in West Bend, WI as the recipient of your Choice Dollars, you will be supporting our “Word and Sacrament Ministry” as well as the assistance we provide to our parishioners’ and neighbors’ needs.
* Choice dollars designated to you expire on March 31 of the following year per the Thrivent website so please specify your charitable organization prior to that date.
** Please see the Thrivent Financial website or call Thrivent directly for complete Thrivent Choice program details.  This is a summary of the program meant to encourage members to use their benefit to help organizations of their choice.  Any errors/discrepancies contained in this summary were not intentional.