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Thank you for joining us for the live stream of our Sunday Service.

Welcome and blessings to you through our Lord Jesus Christ! We welcome all who gather with us around the altar and pulpit to hear the Word of God. We invite you to register your attendance with us by filling out our guest book.
Our Typical Worship Service Settings:
Divine Service Setting One, P.153(LSB)
Divine Service Setting Three, P.184 (LSB)

To follow along with our hymns in the Lutheran Service Book (LSB), please use the following link:

Please Note: (the link above) is an independent website from the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Therefore, the website does NOT have the correct divine services listed on their website. Hymn lyrics are correct, though. 

To follow along with this week's Bible readings, we invite you to look up the passages using the Bible Gateway application which is located below. 
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