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Sunday School
     The 2013-2014 Sunday School classes are held from 9:15am to 10:15am for all children age 3 through 8th grade.  We gather in the “Music Room” (lower level).  See the church calendar for our weekly schedule.
     Music is an important part of our Sunday School program.  We learn new hymns as well as Bible story related and fun songs.  It is our hope that we will be able to sing during several Worship services this year.  We celebrate birthdays on a weekly basis during our music time.  Students and teachers place pennies (one for each year of their lives) into our birthday bank.        
     We are again using the Growing in Christ Sunday School curriculum.  In our classrooms, the Bible Story is read and told.  The Key Point is brought out and applied to the students' lives. The Law/Gospel dynamic in the text is highlighted and applied to the student’s lives.  The story details are reviewed.  Connections are made to the catechism, liturgy, and hymns of the Church.

Please join us!     
     We ask that a completed registration form be submitted for each new student.   Registration forms are available in the Narthex or by contacting Sunday School Superintendent Diane Swanson.